200000 years vs a paper 1 200000 years vs a paper

200000 years vs a paper

If you Do you not let children become immune to the virus at a young age, They will not develop it later on because They will be dead.
their bodies will not have the ability to fight the virus.

this is how children in the Amazon, in the outback, in Africa, in places that don’t have fucking concrete or Cocacola live.

Because of this, learning how to become immune and growing older with the immunity has allowed us to get to where we are for the last 200,000 years.

If you trust some dickhead’s words more than the fact that you’re still alive the 200,000 is no problem.

You as a species.

so right now all of your children are being put at risk by some cunts in Imperial College and the government.

you are responsible for your children I hope you can live with that aftermath.