A story about how things came to be this way

This is a story about how things came to be this way. “This isn’t working,” the masses said. “The tribal way was better. We should return to that way.” But the ruler of the hierarchy told them, “We’ve put that …

Episode 24 - Enter the Kanye.png

Instead of Chess – Episode 24 : Enter the Kanye

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Instead of Chess got something going on

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dark matter lit with small light fixture

When scientists talk about Dark matter in 2020

When scientists talk about Dark matter, and that there’s no evidence for it, but the equations wouldn’t make sense without them, then I wonder, what difference that is from peoples’ belief in gods, and that we have done nothing in …

Le Hanım

Le Hanım – Musings – Puc and Piano – part 1/x

Sormisen heç halım ey
Göğsüme vura vura
çürüttüm sol yanım ey
Le… le hanım

Bu Tepe Pullu Tepe – Musings

Bu tepe pullu tepe nenni de yarim nenni
Su gelir serpe serpe eski de yarim hani