Beyoğlu low angle photograph concrete tower

Breathtaking Beyoğlu 1481–1512

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Beyoğlu. folk etymology of Beyoğlu.  I always thought Beyoğlu, the name of a section of Istanbul, was ‘son of the bey,’ but apparently that’s a folk etymology.  Wikipedia: According to the prevailing theory, the Turkish name of Pera, Beyoğlu, is …

To mislead

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Ffs. I’ve been searching for this word since 1pm today. Misleading! That is it. It is misleading.

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mommy and daddy

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so intimidatingly different from English In Africa, Swahili has mama and baba. In the Philippines, Tagalog has nanay and tatay. Fijian has nana and tata. Mandarin soothes unexpectedly in offering up mama and baba. Chechen in the Caucasus? Naana and …