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Makaram Sarı Bağlar part 1/x – puc and piano

Makaram Sarı Bağlar is a melody from my childhood. I’ve played about with so many different tones and cadences and yet one never seems to fit better than another; how free a piece of music to play on piano. I had to cut it short, but I’m going to do some wild and house-y to […]

Improve for 11 am – puc and piano

This has a kind of a oriental makam kind of feeling to it. it’s not a jazz maybe, but it is around the ball park. i guess I could play in hijaz or rast, but I need to think about developing it Improve for 11 am ℗ Mahir Sayar Please click subscribe!https://www.youtube.com/c/puccaso​ More Music:https://puccaso.com/music

Waterfalls – puc and piano.

Ok so I was trying some new settings with raspivid, but it resulted in some crazy visual artefacts. the settings I used were : and I couldn’t waste the Sunday afternoon piano improvisation. I’ll call this one Waterfalls, due to what looks like my piano crying or water gushing out through waterfalls. puc and piano […]