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Olive and Cheese prep

Weekly Olive and Cheese Prep – Delicious

This is basically how much olive and cheese I eat a week

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A giant insect ecosystem is collapsing because humans.

Insects have triumphed for hundreds of millions of years in every habitat but the ocean. Their success is unparalleled, which makes their disappearance all the more alarming Smithsonian researcher and entomologist Terry Erwin fogs trees with insecticide to collect insects from a lowland rainforest canopy

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Toxoplasma 101

[—ATOC—] [—TAG:h3—]     Toxoplasma Key facts • Toxoplasmosis is a zoonotic infection caused by the parasite Toxoplasma Gondii with a wide range of clinical syndromes in humans. • World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that every year there are over 1 million cases of toxoplasmosis

how to make oregano oil - How to make Oregano Oil  I am Mahir - puc / @puccaso

How to make Oregano Oil

Botanically known as Origanum vulgare, oregano is a flowering plant from the same family as mint. It is often used as an herb to flavor food.Traditionally, Oregano oil is made by air-drying the leaves and shoots of the plant. Once they are dried, the oil

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Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve: Self-Consciousness, Evil, and Death Lecture 4 in my Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories lecture series I turned my attention in this lecture to the older of the two creation accounts in Genesis: the story of Adam and Eve. In its few

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Ice – Extended – now on Musicoin!

 So last year, October 2016 in fact, I was diagnosed with Cancer. I got the all clear February 9th, 2017. Cannabis Oil saved my life. I wrote this while dealing with my treatment. Would love to know your thoughts. Mahir

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Healthy, Organic and Bioavailable CBD Pasta Recipe

CBD Pasta Recipe Healthy, Organic and Bioavailable CBD Pasta Recipe by the Silent Chef Using produce I got from the English Market, in Cork City, Ireland, and some of my own CBD oil, I decided to treat myself. It tastes great. Serves two, Quite a

oregano oil - 9 Oregano Oil Health Benefits better than Antibiotics  I am Mahir - puc / @puccaso

9 Oregano Oil Health Benefits better than Antibiotics

Designed specifically for bacterial infections, antibiotics are medical doctors’ favorite tools against most issues that walk into their offices. But oregano oil benefits are proving to be superior to some antibiotics, without the harmful side effects.

thyme vs oregano - Thyme vs Oregano  I am Mahir - puc / @puccaso

Thyme vs Oregano

Thyme is a cousin of another common, versatile herb, oregano. While there are some similarities between the two, there are also a few differences.

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Cancer update

“What screws things up for us most in #life is the idea of how we think things should be…” This post has been a long time coming. #Cancer #diagnosis update: The last time I wrote a post regarding this, I was going through a #bone

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The following is subject to change

So I will wake up and I will get ready and I will start my new job. I think the nerves and the excitement of got to me, because I’m finding it difficult to sleep now. I have so much to do in the following

Only 3 Addax Antelopes Left - Only 3 Addax Antelopes Left in the Wild? -   I am Mahir - puc / @puccaso

Only 3 Addax Antelopes Left in the Wild? – 

Only Three Addax Antelopes Left in the Wild? A new survey finds this critically endangered species on the knife’s edge of extinction Is this the end for the addax (Addax nasomaculatus)? The IUCN reported today that extensive surveys of addax habitat in Niger found just

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Why We Work

Why We Work   Labor Pains: Why We Work by Barry Schwartz Simon & Schuster/TED Books, 2015 ($16.99)“Men labor under a mistake. The better part of the man is soon plowed into the soil for compost.” So wrote Henry David Thoreau in his 1854 classic,