What do the colours mean?part 1/2 – puc on the Matrix

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Where do the corridors lead? More Background on the Matrix – puc on the matrix

Where do the corridors lead? What is real and what is the matrix?

puc on the matrix


Some Background on the Matrix part 1 / x – puc on the matrix

So I really wanted to test some raspivid :

raspivid -ISO 200 -vs  -ex fixedfps  -awb incandescent  -awbg 2.5,2.2 -md 2  -w 2028 -h 1520 -fps 24 -pf high -lev 4.2 -ih -b 1500000 -p 50,50,1280,960 -k -v -o pivideo_8.h264 -ss 10000

But then why waste the opportunity and not share some of what the voices in my head are telling me about the Matrix.

Background on the Matrix

Some of what the voices in my head are telling me about the Matrix. I really liked this movie. I’ve been commenting on some other channel but I think it is time I start to put my money or time where my mouth is.

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puc on the matrix

Recorded on a HQ Raspberry Pi Camera

youtube link > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBeEIhX6ggQ


the Matrix and the Collective Consciousness – thoughts on Matrix 4.

So the little girl, at the train station.

she’s in between worlds. It’s not the Matrix and it’s not Zion. I guess, it technically still is the Matrix in the sense that it’s a representation of a number conscious agents; the parent programs, the girl and Neo. The crazy train driver dude they stole from the crazy homeless ghost in Ghost. 


Neo goes to the machine city. His body is there, and is mind is there. But when he interfaces, his body remains with the machines and his conscious agent fights Smith’s conscious agent.

whether or not the machine Neo speaks to was the architect is something I’ve thought about, but I can see no direct connection to say that it is the architect. that So, Neo allies with a/the Machine/AI/Skynet/the Collective Mind of all machines in order to defeat Agent Smith. After the reset, Sati, the girl is also there. 

Consciousness and Agents

the Oracle in the Matrix is an old black woman; however, the Oracle is not flesh and blood in Zion, for the Oracle isn’t somebody who is inside one of those pods. They, the oracle, the old deleted programs who refused to be deleted, are imprinted into our collective consciousness as to so be real, because of the interface.

So Sati is another one of those. she was created by her parents and smuggled into the Matrix. She’s not flesh and blood in the real world. 

the Matrix and the Collective Consciousness.

The matrix is a prison for humans but it’s the safe Haven for programs in exile. 

The matrix is a prison for humans but it’s the safe Haven for programs in exile. 


The Matrix and the Integral Anomaly – thoughts on Matrix 4.

integral means, it was developed as part of the design, an percentage of error that could be accounted for, in this case, our choices being their errors. Once they accepted it as part of “our biological” program, they were able to integrate it into their “matrix program.” The architect states, “…and we are getting exceedingly better at it.” So everytime the system resets, they are able to more accurately correct for errors = limit out choices.


The Matrix and Time travel – in the matrix there is no time – thoughts on Matrix 4.

It’s important to know that time exists outside of the matrix due to existence outside of matrix being of substance

Inside the matrix, everyone is just living chemical reactions and as time can be stopped, then these people could continue their lives. Continue their lives in regard to them providing power to the machines, if this is still the subplot.

If the machines wanted, they could relive a single day multiple times yet still reflect the RSI of the person hooked up to the matrix. If it were not for the inherent anomaly, choice, this could be done indefinitely.

time doesn’t necessarily have to continue inside the matrix, so the idea matrix to time travel even though it seems logical, is not.

remember what the Oracle says, when Neo and her sit and talk..

also notice what she does. she offers him a red candy.

no choice.

And she says to him, “you have the sight, now Neo. You are looking at the world without time.”

Some have said that Zion is also part of the method of control, and indirectly, also part of the Matrix.


by Matrix i mean the interface between machine and flesh and blood, both for those connected to the Matrix on a ship and those in the pods, the collective consciousness imprinted on the minds of the flesh and blood. If you mean Zion is another ‘simulation’, in a layer of simulations, running concurrently, then I’d need convincing. The same way Sati made the sunrise, the same way we see a black cat when something changes, Time could be stopped at any moment in the Matrix and yet, the flesh and blood functions of people in pods could continue, without knowing anything. When the whole Matrix became Neo and Smith, existence was just paused for those in pods.

for in the matrix there is no time