3 days now I’ve been crying blood over this time machine backup

So how was I to know that the formats were going to change so drastically!

I’m currently trying to copy my USB attached Time Machine backup over to my now Rpi4b with 2 8Tb seagate drives in raid as a NAS on the network and even though I’ve got the original back up folder from the USB copied so I can access, I still want to be able to continue backing up onto that same image.

so maybe another three days but I’ll get it sorted

crying blood over this time machine backup -  - 3 days now I’ve been crying blood over this time machine backup - I am Mahir - puc / @puccaso

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firmware for i915 stuff


usual stuff (mkdir,touch)

the list of firmware blobs i’m using are the ones that command line outputs saying that they are possibly missing. Your blob list may very well be different. And obviously, pick your own paths for your own downloads. 

mkdir ~/Files/firmware/i915

cd ~/Files/firmware/i915

nano -w ./dw11


Then you tell wget to everything in the list, copy the files to where the system can use them, and make a new image

wget -i ./dw11
sudo cp ~/Files/firmware/*.bin /lib/firmware/i915/
sudo update-initramfs -u


Moving my ROOT to SSD on my RPI4

update: if you are using Raspbian Pi OS, the SD copier works flawlessly!

I play around with my RPI a lot, but always end up with /root on an SSD.
super performance!

ROOT on an SSD rocks.

sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda1 -L root
sudo mkdir /media/newdrive
sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/newdrive
sudo rsync -avx --progress / /media/newdrive
sudo nano /boot/cmdline.txt

Then into the cmdline.txt put

root=/dev_/sda1 rootfs_type=ext4 root_wait

(remove the _’s before pasting.)

Doesn’t really matter if raspbian (what i’m using now) is using PARTUID, just replace it for /dev/sdaX