Breathtaking Beyoğlu 1481–1512


folk etymology of Beyoğlu. 

I always thought Beyoğlu, the name of a section of Istanbul, was ‘son of the bey,’ but apparently that’s a folk etymology. 


According to the prevailing theory, the Turkish name of Pera, Beyoğlu, is a modification by folk etymology of the Venetian ambassadorial title of Bailo, whose palazzo was the most grandiose structure in this quarter. The informal Turkish-language title Bey Oğlu (literally Son of a Bey) was originally used by the Ottoman Turks to describe Lodovico Gritti, Istanbul-born son of Andrea Gritti, who was the Venetian Bailo in Istanbul during the reign of Sultan Bayezid II (r. 1481–1512) and was later elected Doge of Venice in 1523.

bailiff – the ol’ bailey

And if we follow that Bailo link, we learn:

Bailo or baylo (plural baili or bayli) is a Venetian title that derives from the Latin term baiulus, meaning “porter, bearer”. In English, it may be translated bailiff, or otherwise rendered as bailey, baili, bailie, bailli or baillie. The office of a bailo is a bailaggio (sometimes anglicised “bailate”). The term was transliterated into Greek as μπαΐουλος (baioulos), but Nicephorus Gregoras translated it ἐπίτροπος (epitropos, steward) or ἔφορος (ephoros, overseer).

Huh, thought I, “bailiff” looks suspiciously similar, and sure enough it too is from Latin bāiulus. So Beyoğlu = Bailiff!

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Bombs in Istanbul

The Government of the Republic of Turkey and its official press statement on the Bombs in Istanbul
“Something happened”

bomb in istanbul

Bombs in Istanbul

The coverage however, by the rest of the world, in some examples,
  • Turkey’s president Erdoğan has blamed a suicide bomber who entered the country through Syria for an attack on a tourist site in Istanbul that killed 10 people and left another 15 wounded.
  • Nine of the victims were German according to Turkish officials. In a telephone call Prime minster Ahmet Davutoğlu told the German Chancellor Angela Merkel that most of the victims were German.
  • One victim was Peruvian, foreign minister Ana María Sánchez told reporters, though she said the man had not yet been identified. She also said a Peruvian woman was wounded in the attack but in stable condition.
  • Merkel said she was very concerned that German citizens were “probably” be among the victims. “International terrorism is once again showing its cruel and inhuman face,” she said.
  • Turkey’s deputy prime minister, Numan Kurtulmuş, said the bomber was a 28-year-old man from Syria, though an unconfirmed report claims the bomber came from Saudi Arabia.
  • Officials said they believed the attack on the Sultanahmet area was the work of the Islamic State militants. No group has claimed responsibility so far.
  • Police sealed off the area near the Blue Mosque. A broadcast ban was also imposed.
  • Britain, the US, EU and Nato were condemned the attack. Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, described it as “brutal terrorist attack”, and the American official heading the fight against Isis said the US will “Stand with the people of Turkey in our common fight”.


Hrant Dink

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Boyle adami nasil oldurduler..
bazen bu ulkeye, devlete lanet olsun diyorum,
sonra Hrant‘i dinliyorum.. ve bu adam inaniyordu..
olabilecegini inaniyordu..
baris olabilecegni inaniyordu..
belki de inandigi icin oldurduler,
belki de korktuklari icin..


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Küçelere Su Serpmişem – Kucelere Su Serpmisem

Küçelere Su Serpmişem

Küçelere su serpmişem
Yar gelende toz olmasın
Eyle gelsin eyle gitsin
Aramızda söz olmasın

Samalara od salmışam
İstekana get salmışam
Bir haftadır tek galmışam
Yarim gidip tek galmışam
Ne ezizdir yarim canım
Ne şirindir yarim canım
Piyaleler ıraftadır
Her biri bir taraftadır
Görmemişem bir haftadır
Yarim gidip bir haftadır
Ne ezizdir yarim canım
Ne şirindir yarim canım

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