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Vision is a flowing river

A Path of Hope for the Future Keynote address delivered at the 2000 Houston Youth Environmental Leadership Conference, 1/26/00 Yesterday a teenager sent me an email letter in which he said, “I feel cheated that it’s all UP TO ME. By being in the younger generation, I have to save the world before I can […]

Only 3 Addax Antelopes Left in the Wild? – 

Only Three Addax Antelopes Left in the Wild? A new survey finds this critically endangered species on the knife’s edge of extinction Is this the end for the addax (Addax nasomaculatus)? The IUCN reported today that extensive surveys of addax habitat in Niger found just three of these critically endangered antelopes left in the wild. […]

Species Disappearing From Earth

Here’s How Fast Different Animals Are Disappearing From #Earth From red pandas to golden-striped salamanders, Earth’s wildlife is in trouble. Many scientists believe our planet is in the early stages of a mass extinction, an event defined by a loss of 75% of species on Earth. It will be the sixth one to occur in the […]