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Then something happened. Around 12,000 years ago, our culture decided that they will write their own Laws – Anthropocentric much?

How many Ants try to save the world? The fact that we believe we are in some position to do so, is extremely Anthropocentric. We have no more power to destroy the world than we do to save it. We can save the world as a habitat for humans, and that is all we mean […]

“a lifespan that must end.” – the devastating reality of Anthropocentric in 2020

“a lifespan that must end.” The commandment says, “thou shall not kill.” not thou shall not kill humans. Because that’s what’s you are doing. Enslaving, impregnating, disparaging and killing animals for money. The next chain will package them, and the last will sell them. Such an anthropocentric view on existence. Why must their life end? […]


There’s something about nostalgia. it’s not what you think it is. So i’ve written a couple of things on similarities between our Taker culture and a culture of bacteria in a petri dish. There’s something about the way that we have organised our societal structure that creates the nostalgia. It only exists because of the […]