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Then something happened. Around 12,000 years ago, our culture decided that they will write their own Laws – Anthropocentric much?

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How many Ants try to save the world? The fact that we believe we are in some position to do so, is extremely Anthropocentric. We have no more power to destroy the world than we do to save it. We …

Nostalgia photo of snow coated mountain


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There’s something about nostalgia. it’s not what you think it is. So i’ve written a couple of things on similarities between our Taker culture and a culture of bacteria in a petri dish. There’s something about the way that we …

8 legal and powerful mushrooms for a healthy immune system and longevity

Anthropocentrism – part 1

puc thoughts It just is beyond me how anthropocentric these peoples idea of life is. so, vegan leather made from mushrooms is a vegan because an animal doesn’t get killed ? I guess the problem is with the word animal, the …


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I like this word. My next article. Watch this space. Some have such an anthropocentric view on existence. we are going to do this, and we are going to do that. like as if we exist completely devoid of any …