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Part A. The Simple Present Tense

Part A. The Simple Present Tense

  • The Simple Present tense is used for situations that
  • do not normally change
  • are generally true
  • express a habit or routine
  • are scheduled events in the future(timetables, train schedules, etc)

They are often used with adverbs of frequency.  

Exercise 1: Add two sentences of your own to each example of present tense usage. Remember to use adverbs of frequency when needed.

  • Routines:

I usually leave for the gym by 7:00 pm.
I always drink tea at 5 pm.
I hardly ever change my routine.

  • Habits:   

I occasionally have a cup of tea when I get to the office.
I am never punctual.
Sometimes, I like to have a glass of red wine.              

  • States generally considered permanent:

I teach at a school.
    The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
     The Earth is round.

  • Facts:

Teachers know a lot about grammar.
Young children are naughty.
English is a world language.

Eternal Truths
Money can’t buy happiness.
Water boils at 100 degrees.
All you need is love.

Generalizations made in terms of beliefs
Dogs are man’s best friend.
All Asians eat rice.
The number 13 is unlucky.

Scheduled events in the future (must include a time a expression):
The movie starts at 8:00.
     My plane leaves in 15 minutes.
     The bus to San Francisco leaves at 3.45 every day.

Exercise 2:
Select one of the following topics and imagine a five-minute role play in which you mostly apply the simple present tense. Take only ten minutes to prepare it, and then send me a video for the class.

  • planning a surprise birthday party for a friend
  • a job interview before a hiring committee
  • discussing world topics on a television talk show
  • persuading your innocence to the police for a crime you have not committed