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Part B. The Present Continuous Tense

Part B. The Present Continuous Tense


Continuous tenses express a temporary condition of time and events happening over a period of time.

A continuous tense can describe actions taking only a few minutes, or actions that last many years.

Time expressions that are often used with the present continuous tense:

  • now
  • at the moment
  • right now
  • still

Exercise 3: Write in two examples of your own, using the present continuous.

  • Actions happening now:

I am now sitting at the computer making a Skype call.
     I am talking to my friend on the phone.
     I am making tea.

  • Actions over a period of time:

I am still studying at the university.
     I am studying English at English Time.
    I am writing a report on the life and times of the Ottomans.

  • Arrangements in the future*:

We are meeting with friends after work.
I am submitting my Psychology thesis to my faculty advisor next month.
We are planning to go to Efes in a fortnight.
*Note that this form involves arrangements between people. It cannot be used for events that people cannot control, nor for those which are vague. Again, a time expression is used.