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Part C. Non-action Verbs

Part C. Non-action Verbs

Some verbs are non-action verbs and are not normally used with continuous tenses but some verbs may be used in a continuous form, particularly with present perfect continuous.

These verbs can express:
a relation between two things
a sensation and a mental realization.

Place each word in the proper category of the chart below.

dislike / know / love /appear / like/ realize / smell / hear / understand/ taste   recognize/ envy / believe / hate/ appreciate / fear / suppose / think / imagine / feel / see/ doubt  / remember / forget / want / mind / care /need / prefer / mean / miss /consist of

Categories Words
Emotional States dislike, love, like, envy, hate, appreciate, fear, care, miss, need, prefer
Possession want, need, prefer
Sense Perceptions smell, hear, taste, feel, see
Mental States k know, realize, understand, recognize, appear, believe, suppose, think, imagine, doubt,  remember, forget, mind, mean, consist of

Exercise 4:  Use these non-action verbs in a storyline for this comic book cover.  Try to use as many as possible. What do you think these strange and notorious characters really think of Batman tying the knot with this lady-love?
I ______ the villains______ this will help their cause. By marrying Catwoman, Batman______ to support them and this will make him sympathetic to their way of life. The superheroes, on the other hand, have mixed emotions about the joining of good and evil.  Some of them______ Batman because he______ someone who seems to______ him in return. Others can______ that he will______ which side he is on and they will______ his effectiveness as a crime fighter. Batman______ that he is walking a fine line and______ where his loyalties lie, but also______ that at the end of the day, he will be whatever the citizens of Gotham want him to be.