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Great Secrets to English Grammar: Part 1. Simple Present and Past Passive – Learn Me The English

Part 1. Simple Present and Past Passive

The simple present passive tense is indicated by using the am/is/are forms of be. Note that in every passive sentence, a past participle is used(V3).We use this tense to place the emphasis on the object of the active sentence.

Active: A general always promotes a captain.
Passive: A captain is always promoted by a general.

  • The simple past passive is indicated by using the was/were forms of be + past participle (V3).


The tornado demolished all the towns in its path.

All the towns were demolished by the tornado’s path.

  • The future passive is formed by using will be + past participle (V3).

Active: That designer will start a new fashion craze.
Passive: A new fashion craze will be started by that designer.


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