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Great Secrets to English Grammar: Part 5. Indirect Objects – Learn Me The English

Part E. Indirect Objects

the direct object and indirect object, can be the subject of the passive sentence.

  • There are many verbs which can be followed by two objects. We describe them as the direct object and the indirect object.

He gave his girlfriend flowers.
                           indirect        direct

  • We can put the indirect object before the direct object by using a preposition (to or for).

He gave flowers to his girlfriend.
               direct        indirect

  • Either object of an active sentence can become the subject of a passive sentence.

Active: At the end of the war, the UK owed the USA millions of dollars.

Passive focus: At the end of the war, the USA was owed millions of dollars by the UK.
Passive focus: At the end of the war, millions of dollars were owed to the USA by the UK.


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