Advanced English Class CAE Preparation

Advanced English Class CAE Preparation to Speak Fluent English and Pass the CAE Exam


Advanced English Class CAE Course Content

Example topics and learning may include the following:

Practical English, Speaking and CAE Preparation 

  • CAE exam formula introduction
  • CAE exam practice for all exam modules
  • phone language
  • colloquial English
  • word stress and rhythm
  • whose language is it?
  • pronunciation and intonation
  • a letter of application
  • family secrets
  • love affairs
  • time and technology
  • women and money
  • help yourself
  • can’t live without it
  • fact or fiction?
  • taking sides
  • discursive essay
  • art and artists
  • writing a report
  • encounters with animals
  • cooking
  • making complaints
  • and more useful topics
Advanced English Vocabulary 

  • language terminology
  • word building
  • personality and family
  • work
  • time
  • phrases with get
  • sounds and the human voice
  • describing books
  • money
  • history and welfare
  • compound adjectives
  • collocations: adjectives + prepositions
  • place and movement
  • health and medicine
  • smiles
  • tourism
  • the natural world
  • words that are often confused
  • preparing food
  • humour
  • words and expressions needed for CAE
  • and more
Advanced English Grammar 

  • revisions from previous levels
  • discourse markers
  • have
  • pronouns
  • the past: narrative tenses
  • used to and would
  • distancing
  • get
  • speculation and deduction
  • adding emphasis
  • unreal uses of past tenses
  • verb + object + infinitive or gerund
  • conditional sentences
  • permission, obligation, necessity
  • verbs of the senses
  • gerunds and infinitives
  • expressing future plans and arrangements
  • ellipsis and substitution
  • so and such
  • comparison
  • English idioms
  • English phrasal verbs
  • grammar required for CAE


4/6/15 hours
Max 10 Students
From 1 Week


the Advanced English Class will help you speak fluently and confidently in both social and professional situations. You will be able to express yourself fluently and spontaneously. This course will prepare you for the Cambridge CAE examinations and help you it pass successfully. You will be able to use the English language effectively in formal and informal situations.

Our Advanced English classes refer to C1 level of the Common European Framework.

General English Courses at Advanced Level – CAE Preparation Classes are for:

  • people who want to speak English fluently, confidently and correctly
  • those who want to pass the CAE exam successfully
  • those who want to use a high standard of the English language
  • people who already speak good English and want to improve more
  • professionals who speak English at work
  • those who want a fun, friendly and interesting environment in which to learn and study English

If you fit one or more of the descriptions above then our General English Advanced Classes will help you improve your English and take it to the next level.