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Turkey to send back foreign Islamic State fighters

that’s because they won’t be sending the national Islamic state fighters back as they will remain in Turkey. There are loads of foreign Islamic state fighters have now been awarded Turkey citizenship. From Discover on Google

central bank digital currencies

IBM joins ING in saying central bank digital currencies are on the way Fuck that shit!

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Breathtaking Beyoğlu 1481–1512

Beyoğlu. folk etymology of Beyoğlu.  I always thought Beyoğlu, the name of a section of Istanbul, was ‘son of the bey,’ but apparently that’s a folk etymology.  Wikipedia: According to the prevailing theory, the Turkish name of Pera, Beyoğlu, is a modification by folk etymology of the Venetian ambassadorial title of Bailo, whose palazzo was the most grandiose structure in this …

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Indigenous people are not primitive.

Indigenous people are not primitive. — Read on

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Hat lost

I lost my favourite green beenie hat I called the cabbie whose car I was in last, but he said I didn’t forget it in his car. Bastard Whose fucking car did I forget it in then. Pillock

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Stay away from me today. Left home…

Not in the best of moods Crazy tooth ache. Too some pills. Apart from that, Woke up perfectly Slept in perfectly Left home, turned back for umbrella. Crazy rain. Left home, walked to merchants key noticed i forgot my wallet-bus pass Walked back home. cab home and to work. No response from cabs. Around 7.30 now. Noticed I forgot …