Waterfalls – puc and piano.

Ok so I was trying some new settings with raspivid, but it resulted in some crazy visual artefacts.

the settings I used were :

raspivid -ISO 200 -vs  -ex fixedfps  -awb incandescent  -awbg 2.5,2.2 -md 2  -w 2028 -h 1520 -fps 24 -pf high -lev 4.2 -ih -b 1500000 -p 50,50,1280,960 -k -v -o pivideo_8.h264 -ss 10000

and I couldn’t waste the Sunday afternoon piano improvisation. I’ll call this one Waterfalls, due to what looks like my piano crying or water gushing out through waterfalls.

puc and piano

the attempt was to get a higher resolution while still recording at 24fps.. even the preview window’s size affects the process.

gpu_mem is currently set to 512mb so memory shouldn’t be an issue.

Maybe the mode I’m using is causing the problem.. I just can’t figure out in dark conditions if its mode 3, higher FOV is any better than mode 2.


℗ Mahir Sayar

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