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Leavers vs Takers – The only way to save the future from the present.

Leavers vs Takers

The only way to save the future from the present.


Takers are members of the dominant culture, which sees humans as rulers of the world, whose destiny is to grow without check and dominate first the planet, then the universe, through technological innovations. Leavers are members of tribal cultures that live more simply, following the same basic rules that govern other populations on Earth. We have to understand that while it may seem that Taker culture has outwitted the ecological rules that govern other life-forms, in many ways Taker culture is in freefall, doomed to crash once it has depleted the planet of its biological and environmental resources.

In addition to understanding the traits of Taker and Leaver cultures, we must accept how various cultural myths have helped shape both cultures. One of the main myths points to discuss would be the story of Adam and Eve.

leavers vs takers - The only way to save the future from the present.

While Taker culture, through the dominance of Christo-Judean tradition, sees this myth as explaining its own creation, historically this myth was used by Leaver cultures to explain the expansion of Taker cultures. Islam I think plays too an important part of the Taker story. Leavers were trying to understand why Takers had turned to agriculture and were trying to force their way of life on the Leavers. Leavers used the myth to explain that it was because Takers had eaten of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil — the tree the gods must eat from in order to know who should live and die. Thus, the Takers were acting like the gods because they believed they’d gained the gods’ knowledge when in reality, such knowledge does not belong to any life-form on Earth.


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