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Make Me

Prove It

So is your face, I don’t wanna talk about it and You’re an idiot. 


A whole lot of thoughts that just might not make anybody happy a little bit.

Musing, thoughts, discussions and, most likely non-polictally correct, laughs about any topic really; anything instead of chess, though maybe from a somewhat chess like perspective(?) 

Rather adversarial and temporal, yet not profane or indecent. 

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ioc – episode zero – instead of chess [21:21, 22/09/2020] Dan: 3%[21:21, 22/09/2020] Dan: I can't watch this [21:27, 22/09/2020] [m]: so is your face [21:27, 22/09/2020] [m]: haha [21:21, 22/09/2020] [m]: there's a new malcom x farakhan hybrid[21:22, 22/09/2020] [m]: who looks like a sam. l jackson hybrid with the rock[21:22, 22/09/2020] [m]: but its obvious he grew up watching eddie

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