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Final Cut Pro X Jedi -  - Final Cut Pro X Jedi - Mahir - this world is not for cowards

Final Cut Pro X Jedi

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mastering any material fast.

Request : a magnetic sphericon

Can somebody please make a video or a project of a magnetic sphericon I believe the magnetic nature and opposing poles built into a shape that constantly changes direction, it may provide the dynamic change required to create electricity from genetic energy Login to Reply

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the great bbq round two

Thanks, Vince for another amazing BBQ     Login to Reply

flowing river -  - Vision is a flowing river - Mahir - this world is not for cowards

Vision is a flowing river

A Path of Hope for the Future Keynote address delivered at the 2000 Houston Youth Environmental Leadership Conference, 1/26/00 Yesterday a teenager sent me an email letter in which he said, “I feel cheated that it’s all UP TO ME. By being in the younger

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Totaliter tarımın ürünü

içtimiz süt ancak hamileyken şagılabilen sütten gelir, her memeli hayvan gibi. inekler daime tecavüz edilerek hamile edilir ki süt üretsinler, 365 gün. sonra hamile kaldıktan sonra, yavruları annelerinden kaçırılır, ve daha yuriyemiyor iken en lezetli et diye satılır afiyetinize. Burada insanlığının vahşeti söz konusu değil,

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What is the CEO of Aerlingus worth?

Mr Stephen Kavanag, CEO of #Aerlingus, are you worth me losing my job? #DELAYED. #AGAIN. FFS. Why is it that we can never seem to trust your airline? I have responsibilities. I have a job I just keep. I have obligations I must meet. I

Circassian vote -  - the Circassian Vote in Turkey - Mahir - this world is not for cowards

the Circassian Vote in Turkey

Happy to see not one RTE supporter in here. Very wise words all round. He’s a hypocrite. He’s doing to the Syrians and Kurds what our own neighbors did to us centuries ago. The only reason he mentioned Circassians is because our numbers are small.

cancer diets -  - How to think about Cancer diets - Mahir - this world is not for cowards

How to think about Cancer diets

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mahirhoca cork english lessons ielts toefl corkenglish.eu ielts band

IELTS Band 9.0 Essay: Problems and Solutions – Urbanisation

TOPIC – Nowadays, more and more people are moving from the countryside to cities, which are becoming overcrowded. What are the reasons for this movement to cities and what can be done to reduce it?  THINGS TO REMEMBER   ALWAYS read the topic clearly and

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I honour my promises

About a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with #cancer. I made a promise never to let my #body and #mind and #heart get back into that shape ever again. . I honour my #promises . Back to reality Login to Reply

Islanmış serenatım -  - Islanmış serenatım - Mahir - this world is not for cowards

Islanmış serenatım

Ben bir ayyaşımSekiz çizer ayaklarımÖzlemişim sarhoşluğunu bu semtin sokaklarınınGecenin 1′ iAptalın biriKalbinin dışında bekliyor içeri girmeyiŞarkıcıyım benMüzik kutundayımArayıp bulamadığınO şarkıyımYani bence öyle olmalıyımBu gece yağmurda,Camında bi damlayımToprak kokusundayımIslanmış serenatım  #akcay, #around-the-fire, #musicLogin to Reply

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