USB Webcam gadget with Raspberry Pi 0 W Camera

With some great thanks to Huan over at for this time and attention, I have now got the cam working!

Using buildboot and his configs I was able to get the Raspberry Pi 0 W Camera working as a USB webcam with the HQ Raspberry Camera.

Now I need to tweak and see how far we can push this baby.

I need to figure out a better tripod system. Though this is fine, the ribbon cable ingot specifically for the pi 0 is like a millimetre shorter in the metal contacts and does not sit as well as the standard blue ribbon that I already had.

The cable keeps coming out.

But, for now, we’re good.

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Matilda, My Piano.

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Prep – Praline croissants – part 2

Some home made clotted CBD cream (which is my new favourite infusion method) and whatever is left from mums rose jam, ah!

Watch this space for the actual Praline croissants!

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Night Indigo @ Smokey Girl Ville

-  - Night Indigo @ Smokey Girl Ville - I am Mahir - puc / @puccaso

Wednesday Night Indigo @ Smokey Girl Ville

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Can you see the dragon chasing the man in the clouds?


A stowaway on my flight

Does anyone know what this is?