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Daily Archives: July 21, 2020

architecture portfolio eastern you left me quote

you left me…

Quote of the week, “you left me, but you just didn’t go anywhere.” – Humans. S1 E5. Context:Woman says this as she begs the husband she kicked out to continue paying for her rehabilitation robot turned sex cyborg, as the insurance company has requested the

fable nefret

A fable about how things got to be this way

A Fable from Beyond Civilisation – Ishmael, written by Daniel Quinn A fable to start with…about how things got to be this wayand about why they they still are. Once upon a time life evolved on a certain planet, bringing forth many different social organizations—packs,

kutucuk piano mahir

Kutucuk Piano Composition by Mahir

Kutucuk Piano Composition by Mahir. A friend Sent me a picture of a page of a book that kinda described a lot of what I go through sometimes. Then a discussion that kinda resembled the context of the page. Which then turned out as this