Month: July 2020

Nefret …

Nefret sevdiklerimiz için saklidir.

Part of the game

I’m just playing a game on the Mac and I thought to myself, “this is part of the game,” and then I thought to myself, “this is part of the game because I was able to proceed.” even if I died. it would still be part of the game, but I wouldn’t be succeeding. I […]

The dissatisfaction of it all

I don’t know it’s been a long year so far and we just passed half of it, and I’ve just come back from holiday about a week ago. it takes me a week just to fall back into the same bullshit thoughts and arguments and chaos mentally. I don’t actually think the problem is when […]


there’s something thats come up recently i had a conversatino with mum, and she said something like, how are they going to look at themselves in the mirror.. and i said to her then, they’re faceles. like, they have gad to lose themeslves in order to be come this whomeever they present themselves to be.. […]