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    Nefret … 

    Nefret sevdiklerimiz için saklidir.

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      Part of the game 

      I’m just playing a game on the Mac and I thought to myself, “this is part of the game,” and then I thought to myself, “this is part of the game because I was able to proceed.” even if I died. it would still be part of the game, but I wouldn’t be succeeding.

      I was able to continue. the success here, not dying, or survival, is the ability to continue. To learn and progress in earnest to win the game.

      Then, I noticed that this is basically how things are for me in life, generally, but I forget this. But this is something I should not forget

      all of this is part of the game because you’re able to proceed.

      - Part of the game  I am Mahir - puc / @puccaso
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        The dissatisfaction of it all 

        I don’t know

        it’s been a long year so far and we just passed half of it, and I’ve just come back from holiday about a week ago.

        it takes me a week just to fall back into the same bullshit thoughts and arguments and chaos mentally.

        I don’t actually think the problem is when you do argue with yourself, or you have that split discussion in your head about what you should do maybe what you should’ve done, but talking to yourself or yourselves talking to each other if we consider the split brain X experiment results js quite normal .

        problem though becomes one you’re trying to convince yourself or one side of you is trying to convince the other side of you that suicide is not an achievement, and the only way that you stop yourself from actually going through it or even starting to plan not going through but even starting to plan is reminding yourself that people will be upset and how much they would be hurt.

        So the phone is contemplating suicide or is in a weak position the way to stop yourself from going through of signing is to remind yourself of how bad it will be for other people and here misery does not like company.

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          A Story of Civilisation – Video Teaser 2020 

          A Story of Civilisation – Video Teaser 2020 – Mahir Sayar

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            there’s something thats come up recently

            i had a conversatino with mum, and she said something like, how are they going to look at themselves in the mirror.. and i said to her then, they’re faceles.

            like, they have gad to lose themeslves in order to be come this whomeever they present themselves to be.. see i’ve got to talk abot @them@in this way, because they’re faceless.

            but this goes beyond just group dynamic i mean, historically we’ve never haed so much access to available history.. specially in image form. written anguage is a whole different topic. but pictures, they’re universal. colours. faces. and now everyones got a face; got on online presence.. well not everyone – there are those who haven’t fallen for this trap. i applaude you.

            we are so visuallyy inundated with pictures and images and stuff – no ones face has any value, not because they are any less, but because of – value.


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              you left me… 

              Quote of the week,

              “you left me, but you just didn’t go anywhere.”

              – Humans. S1 E5.

              Context:Woman says this as she begs the husband she kicked out to continue paying for her rehabilitation robot turned sex cyborg, as the insurance company has requested the unit back and she cannot afford to cover the costs herself.

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                Amazing Nigerian Cultural Festival – Dublin – Dulzaina 2019 

                Nigerian Cultural Festival – Dublin – Basque Dulzaina

                Sorry for the shit video guys

                but the music was amazing.. notice I’m just recording the faces of the idiots totally unbothered by the fact that I’m taking a video.

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                  Time Lapse Video of Clouds in the morning 

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                    Bobby McFerrin – Hunter’s Moon – Improvisation (coaching parts removed) 

                    Bobby McFerrin – Hunter’s Moon – Sing! Day of Song – Improvisation (coaching parts removed)

                    Bobby McFerrin – Hunter’s Moon – Sing! Day of Song – Improvisation (coaching parts removed)

                    Bobby McFerrin’s cover of Hunter’s Moon by the ridiculous Andy Mckee

                    The program was recorded for a german tv channel WDR.
                    !SING Day of Song – Veltins Arena 05.06.2010

                    Song CIRCLESONG
                    LatinAutor, BMI – Broadcast Music Inc., UMPG Publishing, UMPI, UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA – UBEM, LatinAutor – UMPG, and 11 music rights societies

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                      100% Sucuklu Yumurta Recipe. Ravishing Omelette with Spicy Turkish Sausage 

                      A delicious, easy to make snack with spicy sausages from turkey and free range eggs. Some paprika, black petter and cumin are a must.

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                        A fable about how things got to be this way 

                        A Fable from Beyond CivilisationIshmael, written by Daniel Quinn

                        A fable to start with…
                        about how things got to be this way
                        and about why they they still are.

                        Once upon a time life evolved on a certain planet, bringing forth many different social organizations—packs, pods, flocks, troops, herds, and so on. One species whose members were unusually intelligent developed a unique social organization called a tribe. Tribalism worked well for them for millions of years, but there came a time when they decided to experiment with a new social organization (called civilization) that was hierarchal rather than tribal. Before long, those at the top of the hierarchy were living in great luxury, enjoying perfect leisure and having the best of everything. A larger class of people below them lived very well and had nothing to complain about.
                        But the masses living at the bottom of the hierarchy didn’t like it at all. They worked and lived like pack animals, struggling just to stay alive.

                        “This isn’t working,” the masses said. “The tribal way was better. We should return to that way.” But the ruler of the hierarchy told them, “We’ve put that primitive life behind us forever. We can’t go back to it.”

                        “If we can’t go back,” the masses said, “then let’s go forward—on to something different.”

                        “That can’t be done,” the ruler said, “because nothing different is possible. Nothing can be beyond civilization. Civilization is final; unsurpassable invention.”

                        “But no invention is ever unsurpassable. The steam engine was surpassed by the gas engine. The radio was surpassed by television. The calculator was surpassed by the computer. Why should civilization be different?”

                        “I don’t know why it’s different,” the ruler said, “It just is.”

                        But the masses didn’t believe this—and neither do I.

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                          Weekly Olive and Cheese Prep – Delicious 

                          This is basically how much olive and cheese I eat a week

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                            Kutucuk Piano Composition by Mahir 

                            Kutucuk Piano Composition by Mahir.

                            A friend Sent me a picture of a page of a book that kinda described a lot of what I go through sometimes. Then a discussion that kinda resembled the context of the page. Which then turned out as this today. Hope you enjoy

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                              Full list of shameful MPs who voted against the NHS being protected from foreign control in 2020 Brexit trade deals 

                              An amendment designed to protect the NHS from being subject to any form of control from outside the UK in a future post-Brexit Trade Deal has been voted down by 340 votes to 251 in parliament last night.

                              Green Party MP Caroline Lucas put forward the amendment with the support of Labour leader Keir Starmer and a number of other senior MPs.

                              She said: “We do not want yet more warm words and nice rhetoric, what we want are some red lines in the negotiations, and the way to get them is to write them onto the face of this Bill”.

                              New Clause 17

                              In addition to protecting the NHS from foreign control, the amendment also contained numerous other measures to protect the NHS, including:

                              • Ensuring the ability to provide a “comprehensive and publicly funded health service free at the point of delivery” was not compromised by any future trade deal
                              • Protecting hard-working NHS staff from having their wages or rights slashed by any future trade deal
                              • Protecting the quality and safety of health and care services
                              • Regulating the control and pricing of medicines
                              • Protecting patient data from being sold off
                              • Protecting the NHS from so-called investor-state dispute settlements (ISDS) – clauses which allow foreign investors to sue national governments for any measures which harm their profits.

                              Jeremy Corbyn

                              Documents obtained by former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn came under scrutiny last week, with Dominic Raab accusing Russia of having a hand in illicitly acquiring sensitive information on trade deals.

                              At the 2019 election, Corbyn said the documents proved the Conservatives were planning to include the NHS in a future trade agreement with the US – something denied by the government.

                              Writing on his Facebook page, Mr Corbyn accused the Conservatives of wanting “to distract from the damage a Trump trade deal would do to our NHS by continuing to push the bogus claim Labour received Russian support”.

                              MPs who voted down the amendment:

                              • Nigel Adams (Conservative – Selby and Ainsty)
                              • Adam Afriyie (Conservative – Windsor)
                              • Imran Ahmad Khan (Conservative – Wakefield)
                              • Nickie Aiken (Conservative – Cities of London and Westminster)
                              • Peter Aldous (Conservative – Waveney)
                              • Lucy Allan (Conservative – Telford)
                              • David Amess (Conservative – Southend West)
                              • Lee Anderson (Conservative – Ashfield)
                              • Stuart Anderson (Conservative – Wolverhampton South West)
                              • Caroline Ansell (Conservative – Eastbourne)
                              • Edward Argar (Conservative – Charnwood)
                              • Sarah Atherton (Conservative – Wrexham)
                              • Victoria Atkins (Conservative – Louth and Horncastle)
                              • Gareth Bacon (Conservative – Orpington)
                              • Richard Bacon (Conservative – South Norfolk)
                              • Kemi Badenoch (Conservative – Saffron Walden)
                              • Shaun Bailey (Conservative – West Bromwich West)
                              • Siobhan Baillie (Conservative – Stroud)
                              • Duncan Baker (Conservative – North Norfolk)
                              • Steve Baker (Conservative – Wycombe)
                              • Harriett Baldwin (Conservative – West Worcestershire)
                              • John Baron (Conservative – Basildon and Billericay)
                              • Simon Baynes (Conservative – Clwyd South)
                              • Aaron Bell (Conservative – Newcastle-under-Lyme)
                              • Scott Benton (Conservative – Blackpool South)
                              • Paul Beresford (Conservative – Mole Valley)
                              • Jake Berry (Conservative – Rossendale and Darwen)
                              • Saqib Bhatti (Conservative – Meriden)
                              • Bob Blackman (Conservative – Harrow East)
                              • Crispin Blunt (Conservative – Reigate)
                              • Peter Bone (Conservative – Wellingborough)
                              • Andrew Bowie (Conservative – West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine)
                              • Ben Bradley (Conservative – Mansfield)
                              • Karen Bradley (Conservative – Staffordshire Moorlands)
                              • Suella Braverman (Conservative – Fareham)
                              • Jack Brereton (Conservative – Stoke-on-Trent South)
                              • Andrew Bridgen (Conservative – North West Leicestershire)
                              • Steve Brine (Conservative – Winchester)
                              • Paul Bristow (Conservative – Peterborough)
                              • Sara Britcliffe (Conservative – Hyndburn)
                              • James Brokenshire (Conservative – Old Bexley and Sidcup)
                              • Anthony Browne (Conservative – South Cambridgeshire)
                              • Fiona Bruce (Conservative – Congleton)
                              • Felicity Buchan (Conservative – Kensington)
                              • Robert Buckland (Conservative – South Swindon)
                              • Alex Burghart (Conservative – Brentwood and Ongar)
                              • Conor Burns (Conservative – Bournemouth West)
                              • Rob Butler (Conservative – Aylesbury)
                              • Alun Cairns (Conservative – Vale of Glamorgan)
                              • Andy Carter (Conservative – Warrington South)
                              • James Cartlidge (Conservative – South Suffolk)
                              • William Cash (Conservative – Stone)
                              • Miriam Cates (Conservative – Penistone and Stocksbridge)
                              • Maria Caulfield (Conservative – Lewes)
                              • Alex Chalk (Conservative – Cheltenham)
                              • Rehman Chishti (Conservative – Gillingham and Rainham)
                              • Jo Churchill (Conservative – Bury St Edmunds)
                              • Greg Clark (Conservative – Tunbridge Wells)
                              • Simon Clarke (Conservative – Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland)
                              • Theo Clarke (Conservative – Stafford)
                              • Brendan Clarke-Smith (Conservative – Bassetlaw)
                              • Chris Clarkson (Conservative – Heywood and Middleton)
                              • James Cleverly (Conservative – Braintree)
                              • Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (Conservative – The Cotswolds)
                              • Thérèse Coffey (Conservative – Suffolk Coastal)
                              • Elliot Colburn (Conservative – Carshalton and Wallington)
                              • Damian Collins (Conservative – Folkestone and Hythe)
                              • Alberto Costa (Conservative – South Leicestershire)
                              • Robert Courts (Conservative – Witney)
                              • Claire Coutinho (Conservative – East Surrey)
                              • Geoffrey Cox (Conservative – Torridge and West Devon)
                              • Stephen Crabb (Conservative – Preseli Pembrokeshire)
                              • Virginia Crosbie (Conservative – Ynys Môn)
                              • Tracey Crouch (Conservative – Chatham and Aylesford)
                              • James Daly (Conservative – Bury North)
                              • David T C Davies (Conservative – Monmouth)
                              • James Davies (Conservative – Vale of Clwyd)
                              • Gareth Davies (Conservative – Grantham and Stamford)
                              • Mims Davies (Conservative – Mid Sussex)
                              • David Davis (Conservative – Haltemprice and Howden)
                              • Dehenna Davison (Conservative – Bishop Auckland)
                              • Caroline Dinenage (Conservative – Gosport)
                              • Sarah Dines (Conservative – Derbyshire Dales)
                              • Jonathan Djanogly (Conservative – Huntingdon)
                              • Leo Docherty (Conservative – Aldershot)
                              • Michelle Donelan (Conservative – Chippenham)
                              • Nadine Dorries (Conservative – Mid Bedfordshire)
                              • Steve Double (Conservative – St Austell and Newquay)
                              • Oliver Dowden (Conservative – Hertsmere)
                              • Jackie Doyle-Price (Conservative – Thurrock)
                              • Richard Drax (Conservative – South Dorset)
                              • Flick Drummond (Conservative – Meon Valley)
                              • James Duddridge (Conservative – Rochford and Southend East)
                              • David Duguid (Conservative – Banff and Buchan)
                              • Iain Duncan Smith (Conservative – Chingford and Woodford Green)
                              • Philip Dunne (Conservative – Ludlow)
                              • Mark Eastwood (Conservative – Dewsbury)
                              • Ruth Edwards (Conservative – Rushcliffe)
                              • Michael Ellis (Conservative – Northampton North)
                              • Tobias Ellwood (Conservative – Bournemouth East)
                              • George Eustice (Conservative – Camborne and Redruth)
                              • Luke Evans (Conservative – Bosworth)
                              • David Evennett (Conservative – Bexleyheath and Crayford)
                              • Ben Everitt (Conservative – Milton Keynes North)
                              • Michael Fabricant (Conservative – Lichfield)
                              • Laura Farris (Conservative – Newbury)
                              • Simon Fell (Conservative – Barrow and Furness)
                              • Katherine Fletcher (Conservative – South Ribble)
                              • Mark Fletcher (Conservative – Bolsover)
                              • Nick Fletcher (Conservative – Don Valley)
                              • Vicky Ford (Conservative – Chelmsford)
                              • Kevin Foster (Conservative – Torbay)
                              • Mark Francois (Conservative – Rayleigh and Wickford)
                              • Lucy Frazer (Conservative – South East Cambridgeshire)
                              • George Freeman (Conservative – Mid Norfolk)
                              • Mike Freer (Conservative – Finchley and Golders Green)
                              • Richard Fuller (Conservative – North East Bedfordshire)
                              • Marcus Fysh (Conservative – Yeovil)
                              • Roger Gale (Conservative – North Thanet)
                              • Mark Garnier (Conservative – Wyre Forest)
                              • Nusrat Ghani (Conservative – Wealden)
                              • Nick Gibb (Conservative – Bognor Regis and Littlehampton)
                              • Jo Gideon (Conservative – Stoke-on-Trent Central)
                              • Cheryl Gillan (Conservative – Chesham and Amersham)
                              • John Glen (Conservative – Salisbury)
                              • Robert Goodwill (Conservative – Scarborough and Whitby)
                              • Michael Gove (Conservative – Surrey Heath)
                              • Richard Graham (Conservative – Gloucester)
                              • Helen Grant (Conservative – Maidstone and The Weald)
                              • Chris Grayling (Conservative – Epsom and Ewell)
                              • Chris Green (Conservative – Bolton West)
                              • Damian Green (Conservative – Ashford)
                              • Andrew Griffith (Conservative – Arundel and South Downs)
                              • Kate Griffiths (Conservative – Burton)
                              • James Grundy (Conservative – Leigh)
                              • Jonathan Gullis (Conservative – Stoke-on-Trent North)
                              • Robert Halfon (Conservative – Harlow)
                              • Luke Hall (Conservative – Thornbury and Yate)
                              • Stephen Hammond (Conservative – Wimbledon)
                              • Matt Hancock (Conservative – West Suffolk)
                              • Greg Hands (Conservative – Chelsea and Fulham)
                              • Mark Harper (Conservative – Forest of Dean)
                              • Rebecca Harris (Conservative – Castle Point)
                              • Trudy Harrison (Conservative – Copeland)
                              • Sally-Ann Hart (Conservative – Hastings and Rye)
                              • Simon Hart (Conservative – Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire)
                              • John Hayes (Conservative – South Holland and The Deepings)
                              • Oliver Heald (Conservative – North East Hertfordshire)
                              • James Heappey (Conservative – Wells)
                              • Chris Heaton-Harris (Conservative – Daventry)
                              • Gordon Henderson (Conservative – Sittingbourne and Sheppey)
                              • Darren Henry (Conservative – Broxtowe)
                              • Antony Higginbotham (Conservative – Burnley)
                              • Damian Hinds (Conservative – East Hampshire)
                              • Simon Hoare (Conservative – North Dorset)
                              • Richard Holden (Conservative – North West Durham)
                              • Kevin Hollinrake (Conservative – Thirsk and Malton)
                              • Philip Hollobone (Conservative – Kettering)
                              • Adam Holloway (Conservative – Gravesham)
                              • Paul Holmes (Conservative – Eastleigh)
                              • John Howell (Conservative – Henley)
                              • Paul Howell (Conservative – Sedgefield)
                              • Nigel Huddleston (Conservative – Mid Worcestershire)
                              • Neil Hudson (Conservative – Penrith and The Border)
                              • Jane Hunt (Conservative – Loughborough)
                              • Jeremy Hunt (Conservative – South West Surrey)
                              • Tom Hunt (Conservative – Ipswich)
                              • Alister Jack (Conservative – Dumfries and Galloway)
                              • Sajid Javid (Conservative – Bromsgrove)
                              • Ranil Jayawardena (Conservative – North East Hampshire)
                              • Bernard Jenkin (Conservative – Harwich and North Essex)
                              • Andrea Jenkyns (Conservative – Morley and Outwood)
                              • Robert Jenrick (Conservative – Newark)
                              • Boris Johnson (Conservative – Uxbridge and South Ruislip)
                              • Caroline Johnson (Conservative – Sleaford and North Hykeham)
                              • Gareth Johnson (Conservative – Dartford)
                              • David Johnston (Conservative – Wantage)
                              • Andrew Jones (Conservative – Harrogate and Knaresborough)
                              • Fay Jones (Conservative – Brecon and Radnorshire)
                              • David Jones (Conservative – Clwyd West)
                              • Marcus Jones (Conservative – Nuneaton)
                              • Simon Jupp (Conservative – East Devon)
                              • Daniel Kawczynski (Conservative – Shrewsbury and Atcham)
                              • Alicia Kearns (Conservative – Rutland and Melton)
                              • Gillian Keegan (Conservative – Chichester)
                              • Julian Knight (Conservative – Solihull)
                              • Greg Knight (Conservative – East Yorkshire)
                              • Danny Kruger (Conservative – Devizes)
                              • Kwasi Kwarteng (Conservative – Spelthorne)
                              • John Lamont (Conservative – Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk)
                              • Robert Largan (Conservative – High Peak)
                              • Pauline Latham (Conservative – Mid Derbyshire)
                              • Andrea Leadsom (Conservative – South Northamptonshire)
                              • Ian Levy (Conservative – Blyth Valley)
                              • Andrew Lewer (Conservative – Northampton South)
                              • Julian Lewis (Independent – New Forest East)
                              • Ian Liddell-Grainger (Conservative – Bridgwater and West Somerset)
                              • Chris Loder (Conservative – West Dorset)
                              • Mark Logan (Conservative – Bolton North East)
                              • Marco Longhi (Conservative – Dudley North)
                              • Julia Lopez (Conservative – Hornchurch and Upminster)
                              • Jack Lopresti (Conservative – Filton and Bradley Stoke)
                              • Jonathan Lord (Conservative – Woking)
                              • Tim Loughton (Conservative – East Worthing and Shoreham)
                              • Craig Mackinlay (Conservative – South Thanet)
                              • Cherilyn Mackrory (Conservative – Truro and Falmouth)
                              • Rachel Maclean (Conservative – Redditch)
                              • Alan Mak (Conservative – Havant)
                              • Kit Malthouse (Conservative – North West Hampshire)
                              • Anthony Mangnall (Conservative – Totnes)
                              • Scott Mann (Conservative – North Cornwall)
                              • Julie Marson (Conservative – Hertford and Stortford)
                              • Theresa May (Conservative – Maidenhead)
                              • Jerome Mayhew (Conservative – Broadland)
                              • Paul Maynard (Conservative – Blackpool North and Cleveleys)
                              • Karl McCartney (Conservative – Lincoln)
                              • Stephen McPartland (Conservative – Stevenage)
                              • Mark Menzies (Conservative – Fylde)
                              • Johnny Mercer (Conservative – Plymouth, Moor View)
                              • Huw Merriman (Conservative – Bexhill and Battle)
                              • Stephen Metcalfe (Conservative – South Basildon and East Thurrock)
                              • Robin Millar (Conservative – Aberconwy)
                              • Maria Miller (Conservative – Basingstoke)
                              • Amanda Milling (Conservative – Cannock Chase)
                              • Nigel Mills (Conservative – Amber Valley)
                              • Andrew Mitchell (Conservative – Sutton Coldfield)
                              • Gagan Mohindra (Conservative – South West Hertfordshire)
                              • Damien Moore (Conservative – Southport)
                              • Robbie Moore (Conservative – Keighley)
                              • Penny Mordaunt (Conservative – Portsmouth North)
                              • Anne Marie Morris (Conservative – Newton Abbot)
                              • David Morris (Conservative – Morecambe and Lunesdale)
                              • James Morris (Conservative – Halesowen and Rowley Regis)
                              • Joy Morrissey (Conservative – Beaconsfield)
                              • Wendy Morton (Conservative – Aldridge-Brownhills)
                              • Kieran Mullan (Conservative – Crewe and Nantwich)
                              • Holly Mumby-Croft (Conservative – Scunthorpe)
                              • David Mundell (Conservative – Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale)
                              • Sheryll Murray (Conservative – South East Cornwall)
                              • Andrew Murrison (Conservative – South West Wiltshire)
                              • Robert Neill (Conservative – Bromley and Chislehurst)
                              • Lia Nici (Conservative – Great Grimsby)
                              • Caroline Nokes (Conservative – Romsey and Southampton North)
                              • Jesse Norman (Conservative – Hereford and South Herefordshire)
                              • Neil O’Brien (Conservative – Harborough)
                              • Matthew Offord (Conservative – Hendon)
                              • Guy Opperman (Conservative – Hexham)
                              • Neil Parish (Conservative – Tiverton and Honiton)
                              • Priti Patel (Conservative – Witham)
                              • Mark Pawsey (Conservative – Rugby)
                              • Mike Penning (Conservative – Hemel Hempstead)
                              • John Penrose (Conservative – Weston-super-Mare)
                              • Chris Philp (Conservative – Croydon South)
                              • Christopher Pincher (Conservative – Tamworth)
                              • Dan Poulter (Conservative – Central Suffolk and North Ipswich)
                              • Victoria Prentis (Conservative – Banbury)
                              • Tom Pursglove (Conservative – Corby)
                              • Jeremy Quin (Conservative – Horsham)
                              • Will Quince (Conservative – Colchester)
                              • Dominic Raab (Conservative – Esher and Walton)
                              • Tom Randall (Conservative – Gedling)
                              • John Redwood (Conservative – Wokingham)
                              • Jacob Rees-Mogg (Conservative – North East Somerset)
                              • Nicola Richards (Conservative – West Bromwich East)
                              • Angela Richardson (Conservative – Guildford)
                              • Rob Roberts (Conservative – Delyn)
                              • Laurence Robertson (Conservative – Tewkesbury)
                              • Mary Robinson (Conservative – Cheadle)
                              • Andrew Rosindell (Conservative – Romford)
                              • Douglas Ross (Conservative – Moray)
                              • Lee Rowley (Conservative – North East Derbyshire)
                              • Dean Russell (Conservative – Watford)
                              • David Rutley (Conservative – Macclesfield)
                              • Gary Sambrook (Conservative – Birmingham, Northfield)
                              • Selaine Saxby (Conservative – North Devon)
                              • Paul Scully (Conservative – Sutton and Cheam)
                              • Bob Seely (Conservative – Isle of Wight)
                              • Andrew Selous (Conservative – South West Bedfordshire)
                              • Grant Shapps (Conservative – Welwyn Hatfield)
                              • Alok Sharma (Conservative – Reading West)
                              • Alec Shelbrooke (Conservative – Elmet and Rothwell)
                              • David Simmonds (Conservative – Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner)
                              • Chris Skidmore (Conservative – Kingswood)
                              • Chloe Smith (Conservative – Norwich North)
                              • Greg Smith (Conservative – Buckingham)
                              • Henry Smith (Conservative – Crawley)
                              • Julian Smith (Conservative – Skipton and Ripon)
                              • Royston Smith (Conservative – Southampton, Itchen)
                              • Amanda Solloway (Conservative – Derby North)
                              • Ben Spencer (Conservative – Runnymede and Weybridge)
                              • Mark Spencer (Conservative – Sherwood)
                              • Alexander Stafford (Conservative – Rother Valley)
                              • Andrew Stephenson (Conservative – Pendle)
                              • Jane Stevenson (Conservative – Wolverhampton North East)
                              • John Stevenson (Conservative – Carlisle)
                              • Bob Stewart (Conservative – Beckenham)
                              • Iain Stewart (Conservative – Milton Keynes South)
                              • Gary Streeter (Conservative – South West Devon)
                              • Graham Stuart (Conservative – Beverley and Holderness)
                              • Julian Sturdy (Conservative – York Outer)
                              • Rishi Sunak (Conservative – Richmond (Yorks))
                              • James Sunderland (Conservative – Bracknell)
                              • Desmond Swayne (Conservative – New Forest West)
                              • Robert Syms (Conservative – Poole)
                              • Derek Thomas (Conservative – St Ives)
                              • Maggie Throup (Conservative – Erewash)
                              • Edward Timpson (Conservative – Eddisbury)
                              • Kelly Tolhurst (Conservative – Rochester and Strood)
                              • Justin Tomlinson (Conservative – North Swindon)
                              • Craig Tracey (Conservative – North Warwickshire)
                              • Anne-Marie Trevelyan (Conservative – Berwick-upon-Tweed)
                              • Elizabeth Truss (Conservative – South West Norfolk)
                              • Tom Tugendhat (Conservative – Tonbridge and Malling)
                              • Martin Vickers (Conservative – Cleethorpes)
                              • Matt Vickers (Conservative – Stockton South)
                              • Theresa Villiers (Conservative – Chipping Barnet)
                              • Christian Wakeford (Conservative – Bury South)
                              • Robin Walker (Conservative – Worcester)
                              • Charles Walker (Conservative – Broxbourne)
                              • Ben Wallace (Conservative – Wyre and Preston North)
                              • Jamie Wallis (Conservative – Bridgend)
                              • David Warburton (Conservative – Somerton and Frome)
                              • Matt Warman (Conservative – Boston and Skegness)
                              • Giles Watling (Conservative – Clacton)
                              • Suzanne Webb (Conservative – Stourbridge)
                              • Helen Whately (Conservative – Faversham and Mid Kent)
                              • Craig Whittaker (Conservative – Calder Valley)
                              • John Whittingdale (Conservative – Maldon)
                              • Bill Wiggin (Conservative – North Herefordshire)
                              • James Wild (Conservative – North West Norfolk)
                              • Craig Williams (Conservative – Montgomeryshire)
                              • Gavin Williamson (Conservative – South Staffordshire)
                              • Mike Wood (Conservative – Dudley South)
                              • William Wragg (Conservative – Hazel Grove)
                              • Jeremy Wright (Conservative – Kenilworth and Southam)
                              • Nadhim Zahawi (Conservative – Stratford-on-Avon)
                              • Mahir 4:53 pm on July 21, 2020 Permalink |
                                Tags: Smokey Girl Ville,   

                                Long Delightful 4k Video of the Sea that Captivates. 

                                4k Video of the Sea, and its waves crashing on the shore overlooked by grass and some rocks.

                                i am waiting for youtube to complete processing. I had 2 videos, both of which were recorded at 4K resolution but for some reason YouTube just doesn’t want to render the 4K they’re all 4K 60 frames per second.

                                YouTube is taking his time, so I guess we just have to wait.

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