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Monthly Archives: September 2019

root person using laptops

Moving my ROOT to SSD on my RPI4

update: if you are using Raspbian Pi OS, the SD copier works flawlessly! I play around with my RPI a lot, but always end up with /root on an SSD.super performance!  ROOT on an SSD rocks. sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda1 -L root sudo mkdir /media/newdrive sudo

Kenevir Yağı nasıl yapılır 10

Kenevir Yağı nasıl yapılır? Happy 4/20

Kenevir Yağı tarifi: Verimli bir kenevir yağı yapmak icin, en az 30 gram kuru kenevirle başlamalısınız. Bu miktardan ortalama 3-4 gram yağ elde edilebilir, fakat bu miktar kenevir türünden türüne değişiklik göstermektedir. 500 gram kuru ham maddeden ortalama 50 gram yüksek kaliteli yağ üretebilirsiniz. buzluk

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Children don’t have to be motivated to learn everything they can about the world they inhabit, they’re absolutely driven to learn it. In contrast to our own taker/totalitarian agriculturalist societies, by the onset of puberty, children in aboriginal societies have unfailingly learned everything they need to function as adults.

fasting -  - Fasting - 100% Detailed Intermittent / OMAD plan - Mahir - this world is not for cowards

Fasting – 100% Detailed Intermittent / OMAD plan

Slowly, but Surely 3 months on a very random-ish, very relaxed program. I get a 40 hour fast in every week, no matter what, then 2 days on OMAD, and try to keep my intake regular on the other days. No wheat based carbs, no

wrath of children two boys standing in front of window

Wrath of children

I remember.I remember reading about you.Reading about how the wrath of God will manifest in rage, confusion and chaos of children who didn’t know their fathers.It’s not actually about the individual. It’s not about the religion, nor the family unit per se. They, in contrast,

died to keep it alive.

died to keep it alive.

There are places where you fight to survive and there are other places where you died to keep it alive. Login to Reply

red lighted candle we must just stop

we must just stop

When you put a candle out, the flame doesn’t go anywhere. It merely stops. This is what we must do. We don’t need to go anywhere; we must just stop. Login to Reply

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