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    Mentha piperita is a culinary herb used to flavor meats, sweets and drinks.


    Mint grows about two feet tall and will bush out if the stem ends are regularly pinched off. Mint has spikes of white to light pink flowers.

    Mint Characteristics

    • perennial, constantly growing
    • upright, branching stem to 2 feet tall
    • finely toothed opposite leaves
    • leaves and leaf margins smoother than spearmint leaves
    • leaves have short stems
    • purple to pink tubular flowers in terminal spikes
    • distinct minty smell
    • found near houses, garden escapes

    Mint Uses

    • culinary
    • gardening

    Mint is a term that can refer to one of the mint family’s 300 species, but more often mint refers to just a handful of plants in a generic way. Mints tend to have strong aromas that are sharp or piercing, and a hot peppery taste that can last on the palate.
    Popular herb garden mint plants between two mint species can be unique species or hybrids. Peppermint, though originally thought to be its own species, is one such hybrid. It is the result of spearmint, Mentha spicata, and water mint cross-fertilization, M. Water. Aquatica.
    Peppermint is represented as a hybrid plant as Menthax piperita. It’s also called M. Balsamea. Balsamea.

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      Vegan keto canna cookie (almost) 

      Vegan keto canna cookie (almost)



      This is my keto canna cookie recipe, 

      I should take a video I know, but yea – let me know if you enjoy! 

      Dry stuffs

       buckwheat flour    
      1/2 cupcoconut flour    
      1 cup 

      unbleached course ground whole-wheat flour 



      Wet stuffs

      1/2 cupsoaked chia seeds10 minutes, or until thickened.   
      1/2 cuphievoo olive oil    
      1/2 cuphievoo pekmez    
      1 cupmixed nut butterequal part homemade mixed nut butter mix; peanut, cashew, walnut, hazelnut.   



      Mix all the dry ingredients well.

      Add the now gelled chai seeds and work them in, like an egg almost, in until the flour mixture starts to clump up and thicken.

      Add the pekmez and mix until the mixture starts to turn into putty.

      Next add the mixed nut butter.


      The mixture should eventually look like a big fudge globule. Perfect!

      Put this in the fridge for an hour.


      Shape into shapes, preferably smaller than the size of your mouth.

      11 minutes in a oven preheated to 150’C, (Go with your eyes and instincts on this, longer for crispier etc.)




      vegan keto canna cookie - Vegan keto canna cookie (almost)  I am Mahir - puc / @puccaso

      Let them set for 5/6 minutes before you touch them. Do not skip this step.

      Wack on some extra pekmez if you have a date soon! .. and some clotted cream if that date is tonight fam.

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        happy birthday janset 

        Happy Birthday Bum x

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          height war 

          tall people make more money than short people.
          let the equality height war begin.

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            just do it 

            just imagine if the copywriter for Nike at the time was suicidal and he was just saying out loud the voices in his head

            action air balance beach

            Photo by c1n3ma on Pexels.com


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              master and slave 2019 

              master and slave


              dude called Hegel

              this dude called Hegel had this idea that a master and slave eventually change positions in their relationship. the master takes a slave, punishes, tortures, whatever – gets a kick out of it – then eventually becomes dependant on the kick.
              Now when the slave gets a hold of this idea, that the master ‘needs’ them, the slave is able to change the game, because they now have what the master needs to survive.
              This slave may then be, like their master, an evil master, by taking control, or a diplomat of sorts – by maintaining a safe distance and dominance without ever falling back into the slave mentality – but also not tipping the balance – never becoming a real master themselves, but balancing things, or continuing to remain a slave..

              dude called Hegel dies

              Now when this Hegal dude died, the ‘young’ people had very different ideas about what all this meant, and the ‘old’ people had a completely different angle on it. The young became the Left and the Old became the Right.
              Some people in their 60’s have an energy like a 20-year-old and sometimes it’s like wow, and sometimes it’s like ‘eassy Dave! Sometimes you meet a 20-year-old who has the wisdom of a 50-year-old who can really wake you up and help you with their wisdom, yet some people are so ‘woke’ at 20 that they make you feel like a cunt.

              This is what Left and Right is about.

              We think the only way to live is our way now,
              and we forget how we even got here.

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                The internet has made concealing the lies and distruths of our former generations even more difficult, yet even more necessary.

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