Mahir Sayar

An Anti-Anthropocentrist

This World is not made for cowards. We become who we are by doing what we do. There is no one way to live. Our lies corrupt us. Our mistakes define us. I am the Circcasian in whom the old ways have joined the new. 

puccaso mahir puc skillful traveller silent chef
Constantly curious and driven by the desire to always make things better by understanding the Laws of the Community of Life. Therefore, I do not believe in standard solutions nor skipping where the fence is lowest.
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Industries I work with

Olive Oil

I work at providing the very best Turkish Olive Oil at very competitive prices. The product range we supply is produced in the Aegean region of Anatolia, which is well respected, and is in high demand all around the world. Turkey (The Anatolia) is actually the homeland of olive trees. Most of our olives come from trees which have borne fruit for 500 years or more!


Paintings and Prints

Artwork, Paintings and Canvas Prints


The making of olive oil has not changed in principle since these early times. Olives are made up of approximately 40% solid matter, 40% fruit juice, and 20% oil.

Small Medium Enterprises

In Turkey, the motherland of olive trees, olive groves that produce the world’s most aromatic scents are cultivated in many regions from Ezine to Kilis.


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