Voices. 1900 – Etiamnunc.

Voices in my Mind I think this peace of art has to be historical recorded, as the quintessential expression of what our culture has made of our youth go through. Not everyone has been through what he is recalling, but there is a historically and culturally valuable demographic of people who know what is going one here, and within the …


Constantly alone Constantly silent Constantly troubled Constantly alone

Two options really

There are two outcomes to this really They ask me how it all turned out, and I say I was alone. I had no one. I spent the formative years of my life isolated, and the established years of my life in isolation. I died alone with no one around me apart from people who are paid to be there; …

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11/11 Birthday 2019

This world is not for cowardsI forget this sometimes.When in actual fact, this is maybe one of the only things worth remembering.I’ll tell this to my son.Happy birthday Sun. Everyone thinks it’s mine, but I know it’s really yours.Another 365 days more for me, another 3.65 seconds for you. Touché

Sense of urgency

People who are lacking in a sense of urgency should have their lives threatened. Not in an evil, or horrible way. This would make them understand. Make them understand not to waste other peoples’ times, because ultimately – we are all headed towards our deaths. Get it? I think this near death experience would help them. I mean it’s definitely …

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English language banned

A while ago I came up with this idea that after I move to Ireland I would start teaching English again because Ireland and Scotland – post brexit – would be the only places that still have English or still need it as an official language! mostly because in Scotland you don’t have any other language really, as for Ireland, …