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Who’s Right? Jimbies vs Mesthans in 2020.

This isn’t necessarily about England or the right-wing in any specific country however this is, maybe, a defence of the right-wing perspective. Let’s just choose two countries; say Jimbolia and Meshtania. let’s say that there is a Meshtan who has moved or emigrated to Italy because it affords them something that they cannot attain in […]

The Beauty of Music Therapy 900BC

MUSIC THERAPY Through the history of Islamic civilization, it has been chiefly the mystic sects (Sufis) which have been involved with music, used and defended it. The Sufis mention that mental and nervous disorders are cured by music. The great scientists and doctors Zekeriya Er-Razi (854-932), Farabi (870-950) and ─░bn Sina (980-1037) established scientific principles […]

Voices. 1900 – Etiamnunc.

Voices in my Mind I think this peace of art has to be historical recorded, as the quintessential expression of what our culture has made of our youth go through. Not everyone has been through what he is recalling, but there is a historically and culturally valuable demographic of people who know what is going […]