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  • Mahir 6:13 am on August 11, 2020 Permalink |  

    Flags and such 

    There are loads of things that are illogical about the current set up of our world but there is nothing more Deceitful and foolish than Lebanese survivors of the blast be waving around Turkish flags.

    I have a half a mind to think that Turkey could even be involved in such a blast if they thought that they were able to get an overpowering or controlling hands of the Lebanese politics.

    And obviously here by Turkey I mean specifically the current Turkish government as opposed to any individual action or movement in the country.

    Terrorist when you have a government.

    • Mahir 9:17 pm on August 8, 2020 Permalink |  

      I’m slowly moving away from facebook. They just seem to block the page for no reason, constantly – over and over.

      • Mahir 7:42 pm on August 1, 2020 Permalink |  

        red shalwar chilling by the sea smokeygirlville sunsets 

        The guy in the red shalwar chilling @smokeygirlville by the sea, sunset and grass.
        The guy in the red shalwar chilling @smokeygirlville by the sea, sunset and grass.
        • Mahir 7:14 pm on July 31, 2020 Permalink |  

          Nefret … 

          Nefret sevdiklerimiz için saklidir.

          • Mahir 5:55 pm on July 29, 2020 Permalink |
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            Part of the game 

            I’m just playing a game on the Mac and I thought to myself, “this is part of the game,” and then I thought to myself, “this is part of the game because I was able to proceed.” even if I died. it would still be part of the game, but I wouldn’t be succeeding.

            I was able to continue. the success here, not dying, or survival, is the ability to continue. To learn and progress in earnest to win the game.

            Then, I noticed that this is basically how things are for me in life, generally, but I forget this. But this is something I should not forget

            all of this is part of the game because you’re able to proceed.

            - Part of the game  I am Mahir - puc / @puccaso
            • Mahir 10:21 pm on July 27, 2020 Permalink |  

              The dissatisfaction of it all 

              I don’t know

              it’s been a long year so far and we just passed half of it, and I’ve just come back from holiday about a week ago.

              it takes me a week just to fall back into the same bullshit thoughts and arguments and chaos mentally.

              I don’t actually think the problem is when you do argue with yourself, or you have that split discussion in your head about what you should do maybe what you should’ve done, but talking to yourself or yourselves talking to each other if we consider the split brain X experiment results js quite normal .

              problem though becomes one you’re trying to convince yourself or one side of you is trying to convince the other side of you that suicide is not an achievement, and the only way that you stop yourself from actually going through it or even starting to plan not going through but even starting to plan is reminding yourself that people will be upset and how much they would be hurt.

              So the phone is contemplating suicide or is in a weak position the way to stop yourself from going through of signing is to remind yourself of how bad it will be for other people and here misery does not like company.

              • Mahir 12:16 pm on July 26, 2020 Permalink |  

                A Story of Civilisation – Video Teaser 2020 

                A Story of Civilisation – Video Teaser 2020 – Mahir Sayar

                • Mahir 7:59 pm on July 22, 2020 Permalink |  


                  there’s something thats come up recently

                  i had a conversatino with mum, and she said something like, how are they going to look at themselves in the mirror.. and i said to her then, they’re faceles.

                  like, they have gad to lose themeslves in order to be come this whomeever they present themselves to be.. see i’ve got to talk abot @them@in this way, because they’re faceless.

                  but this goes beyond just group dynamic i mean, historically we’ve never haed so much access to available history.. specially in image form. written anguage is a whole different topic. but pictures, they’re universal. colours. faces. and now everyones got a face; got on online presence.. well not everyone – there are those who haven’t fallen for this trap. i applaude you.

                  we are so visuallyy inundated with pictures and images and stuff – no ones face has any value, not because they are any less, but because of – value.


                  • Mahir 8:22 pm on July 21, 2020 Permalink |
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                    you left me… 

                    Quote of the week,

                    “you left me, but you just didn’t go anywhere.”

                    – Humans. S1 E5.

                    Context:Woman says this as she begs the husband she kicked out to continue paying for her rehabilitation robot turned sex cyborg, as the insurance company has requested the unit back and she cannot afford to cover the costs herself.

                    • Mahir 7:31 pm on July 21, 2020 Permalink |  

                      Amazing Nigerian Cultural Festival – Dublin – Dulzaina 2019 

                      Nigerian Cultural Festival – Dublin – Basque Dulzaina

                      Sorry for the shit video guys

                      but the music was amazing.. notice I’m just recording the faces of the idiots totally unbothered by the fact that I’m taking a video.

                      • Mahir 7:29 pm on July 21, 2020 Permalink |  

                        Time Lapse Video of Clouds in the morning 

                        • Mahir 7:24 pm on July 21, 2020 Permalink |
                          Tags: Bobby McFerrin   

                          Bobby McFerrin – Hunter’s Moon – Improvisation (coaching parts removed) 

                          Bobby McFerrin – Hunter’s Moon – Sing! Day of Song – Improvisation (coaching parts removed)

                          Bobby McFerrin – Hunter’s Moon – Sing! Day of Song – Improvisation (coaching parts removed)

                          Bobby McFerrin’s cover of Hunter’s Moon by the ridiculous Andy Mckee

                          The program was recorded for a german tv channel WDR.
                          !SING Day of Song – Veltins Arena 05.06.2010

                          Song CIRCLESONG
                          LatinAutor, BMI – Broadcast Music Inc., UMPG Publishing, UMPI, UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA – UBEM, LatinAutor – UMPG, and 11 music rights societies

                          • Mahir 7:17 pm on July 21, 2020 Permalink |
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                            100% Sucuklu Yumurta Recipe. Ravishing Omelette with Spicy Turkish Sausage 

                            A delicious, easy to make snack with spicy sausages from turkey and free range eggs. Some paprika, black petter and cumin are a must.

                            • Mahir 7:01 pm on July 21, 2020 Permalink |  

                              A fable about how things got to be this way 

                              A Fable from Beyond CivilisationIshmael, written by Daniel Quinn

                              A fable to start with…
                              about how things got to be this way
                              and about why they they still are.

                              Once upon a time life evolved on a certain planet, bringing forth many different social organizations—packs, pods, flocks, troops, herds, and so on. One species whose members were unusually intelligent developed a unique social organization called a tribe. Tribalism worked well for them for millions of years, but there came a time when they decided to experiment with a new social organization (called civilization) that was hierarchal rather than tribal. Before long, those at the top of the hierarchy were living in great luxury, enjoying perfect leisure and having the best of everything. A larger class of people below them lived very well and had nothing to complain about.
                              But the masses living at the bottom of the hierarchy didn’t like it at all. They worked and lived like pack animals, struggling just to stay alive.

                              “This isn’t working,” the masses said. “The tribal way was better. We should return to that way.” But the ruler of the hierarchy told them, “We’ve put that primitive life behind us forever. We can’t go back to it.”

                              “If we can’t go back,” the masses said, “then let’s go forward—on to something different.”

                              “That can’t be done,” the ruler said, “because nothing different is possible. Nothing can be beyond civilization. Civilization is final; unsurpassable invention.”

                              “But no invention is ever unsurpassable. The steam engine was surpassed by the gas engine. The radio was surpassed by television. The calculator was surpassed by the computer. Why should civilization be different?”

                              “I don’t know why it’s different,” the ruler said, “It just is.”

                              But the masses didn’t believe this—and neither do I.

                              • Mahir 6:55 pm on July 21, 2020 Permalink |
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                                Weekly Olive and Cheese Prep – Delicious 

                                This is basically how much olive and cheese I eat a week

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